Case Studies

Yamah & Co

Branding, Content Creation , Web Design, Consulting

The Brief

Yamah & Co is a punch needle brand that encourages collaboration through design around the world. We collaborated with Yamaha & Co to identify brand goals through research and create a brand identity.

The Problem

The Problem

Create an identity that reflects the brand. 



The Solution

Our first strategy was to identify long-term goals and develop a brand identity. We highlighted all of the customer’s locations as well as who the business has cooperated with. We come up with words and colors that trigger specific feelings. We generated 20 terms, which were then whittled down to 5-7 words that define the brand identity. Following that, we generated four ideas and narrowed the field to the identity that best suited Yamaha & CO’s collaborative efforts.


The Result

After a 90-day sprint, we concluded with a logo identity that evokes a minimal design while being vibrant, adventurous, and joyful.

The Showcase

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